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Social Security Scheme : SASPFUW ( Scheme & Accounting Procedure)

State Government Assistance for the Provident fund Scheme & Accounting Procedure: The Government contribution will be deemed deposited in the account of the subscriber on the same day as the contribution made by the subscriber. it will be of the same amount. (Recently, State Government contribute Rs. 30/- as Government Contribution) Interest to be paid by the Government will be calculated as on 31st March of every year and will be deemed to the credited on the same date in the account of the subscriber. The State Government will release fund for equivalent contribution by the Government for all the subscribers at every quarter, for the first three quartets of a year beginning first of April of every year and also release allotment of fund for equivalent amount of contribution of the State Government in respect of all the subscribers along with the interest of the total balance lying at the credit of the subscribers for the last quarter ending 31st March of every year for the purpose…
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No. Labr. / 255 / ( LC - LW )                                      Kolkata, the 3rd April, 2017        LW / 5M - 112 / 16
          The Government of India enacted the Unorganized Workers' Social Security Act, 2008 on 30.12.2008. In terms of Sub-Section (1) of Section 6 of the said Act, the Government of West Bengal in the Labour Department constituted the West Bengal State Social Security Board vide Notification No. 1025-IR dated 06.11.2009.
2. The Board recommended for adoption of a scheme for the social security of the transport workers of the State and accordingly, the scheme under the name of West Bengal Transport Workers' Social Security Scheme, 2010 was introduced under Labour Department IR. Branch Resolution No. 907-IR / Eil / 1 - A - 4 / 110 dated 13th August 2010 read with IR Branch Notification No. 183 - I.R / Eil / 1 - A - 01 / 10 dated 16th February 2015.
3. The said Scheme provides various social securit…

Social Security Scheme : SASPFUW ( Maintenance of Records)

Social Security Scheme for Unorganized Worker !! SASPFUW ( Part-III )